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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching, What Is It? At TNS, We Believe All Coaching is Spiritual


A Spiritual Coach is someone who leads people inward to help them access their Spiritual Resources in order to achieve a goal or qualitative state. It is an approach to help one become a personalist and to help them achieve wholeness and completion as

The Only You That Has and Will Ever Be Created”.

Stop living by prescription!!!

As a TNS Spiritual Coach, we teach you to lead your client toward inward expansion, assisting them with a deep dive into self-understanding toward defining who they are showing up as in their life. This is achieved through self-assessment and other tools such as formulating an “I AM” Statement.  As a Spiritual Coach, you build a roadmap to Spiritual Resources, and lead the client toward the ability to evaluate and assess their own self-worth by observing their stories (narrative) and identifying the filters through which they view themselves and present themselves to others. (It is a Divinely-Centered Approach and Not Therapy)

Foundational & Master Coaching Certificate Program

At The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies, we aim to prepare all of our students (clergy and non-clergy) to meet the needs of the global community with a forward-thinking approach, and a foundation using inclusive-based tools. We veer away from a “cookie-cutter” approach to coaching and ministry because we know that every individual is unique and walk their own special path. For students who are interested in broadening their own skillset as a counselor, pastor, educator, medical professional, or coach in order to support individuals from a spiritual perspective, our program is a perfect fit. Our program does not require a ministerial path in order to participate in our spiritual coaching programs.


Foundational Spiritual Coaching Certificate

Our Foundational Certificate Program is a 10-week (taught bi-weekly) program which guides you in developing your Signature as a Spiritual Coach. Beginning with the foundations of Self-Leadership and exploring some of the following core topics:


Master Spiritual Coaching Certificate

Our Master Spiritual Coaching Certificate Program (Foundational Certificate pre-requisite) is a 16-week (taught bi-weekly) program which guides you in mastering your Signature and building your own practice as a Spiritual Coach. Case-Studies and Supervision are included in the program along with covering the following topics :



What Are Spiritual Resources?


Spiritual Resources are tools provided by the Creator for one to access and use for positive outcomes and fulfilling their life’s purpose. The Spiritual Coach’s role is to guide the client toward achieving congruence. The New Seminary’s Spiritual Coaching Program uses what we call  The Four C’s of DestinyThese are proven markers often required for someone to achieve balance and wholeness in their life. Congruence is a state where your fragmented self is made whole, and your entire being and center is focused in one direction, discerned from the Divine Mind and Heart.

 The Four C’s Are:

  • Clarity — Clarity is the product of a mind and spirit free of fears, doubts, self-judgments, and all the limiting beliefs and shackling baggage that often lead to a spiritual crisis. Through the implementation of effective strategies, a coach guides the client toward releasing any trauma (real or imagined) or negative programming (internal and external) that is holding them back and moves them toward balance, relieving any residual anxieties about the future. It is in this state where balance is achieved and where one begins to choose to live in the present moment – being open to the treasures that mindfulness brings.  From clarity comes discernment. Discernment enables one to know and select those things that the Creator intended. They are no longer drawn to unrealistic goals, delusions, or self-deceptive tendencies and are more receptive to what is right for them, and where they want to go. Their spiritual ears and eyes become open to see and hear the messages from the Creator and their Higher self.


  • In a spiritual context, Confidence as a spiritual resource means that there is an unconditional belief that the path you are walking is aligned with your divine self (meaning the better, higher you) and the Creator’s ultimate plan for you. It is the best plan for you. There is a total buy-in and a feeling of surrender. Inherent in this belief is a complete trust in your ability and resourcefulness to stay on course and reach the appointed end.


  • Commitment as a spiritual resource is an unyielding pledge to stay on your path regardless of the intermittent ups and downs and hardships one encounters. You know that you have discerned the divinely appointed path which naturally gives one the inner strength to handle any difficulties involved in order to achieve a goal or positive outcome.


  • Calm as a spiritual resource relates to how one handles the difficulties or challenges associated with everyday life. There is an inner-authority and level of self-leadership which leads to an ability to respond instead of “react” in a variety of situations.

A spiritual coach identifies patterns preventing one from stepping into their higher-self and a stronger relationship with The Divine. The Coach helps to answer the fundamental ubiquitous life questions and discover what distinct qualities apply in one’s life.


      • What is your relationship with God?
      • Who are you?
      • What are you? What is your legacy?
      • What are you committed to?
      • What are your core values?
      • What is The Divine/Universal Plan for your life? 
      • What must you do to die a good death?
      • Have you had a burning Bush moment? (If not, what would it look like?)

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We are currently rewarding $500 scholarships to the first 20 applicants. When you sign up for Foundations/Masters, the total discounted fee is $2999. Contact us today if you are interested in enrolling in our coaching program.

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Our comprehensive Spiritual Foundational & Master Coaching programs prepare you to work with clients of all faiths and backgrounds, as well as people who may be searching or do not subscribe to a particular faith or even spiritual practice.  Our aim at TNS is to prepare you as a coach by broadening your skills and foundations in order to serve the needs of this changing and ever-evolving world consciousness.  Drawing upon your unique gifts and expertise, our coaching program is designed to give you the essential tools and knowledge to earn a living leading others toward being their best selves and helping them to discover their highest purpose. Through our expert training, 1:1 coaching/mentoring, and hands-on practice and case studies, you will graduate with the confidence and “know-how” to serve our greater community at a time when the world needs it now more than ever.

Spiritual Coaching

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