Sacred Women’s Circle


The theme for this year’s Sacred Circle was Honoring Women and Girls Who Have Been Killed, Abused or Are Missing. The Circle was held at the Church Center for the United Nations, 777 First Avenue, New York City.



About the Program

Sacred Women's Circle

TNS alumni, faculty and students designed the service for those attending the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. The Circle provides women from various faiths and cultures a safe and nurturing space in which to share, bond and heal.  The Circle is a place where everyone is invited to share their thoughts based on their own traditions.

The New Seminary, a member of the United Nations family, was honored to once again host the Sacred Women’s Circle, which brings women from the many cultures and backgrounds of the world together. This is our fifth circle in ten years. We intend to sponsor one each year.



Dr. Jay Speights tells the participants that, “We have to restore the legacy of women as healers, community builders, and keepers of faith, culture and women.”

UN Chaplain, Rev. Dionne Boissiere (2nd Right), poses with TNS Alums Rev. Je Hooper, Circle Coordinator Rev. Mayowa Alero Obasaju (2nd Left), and Rev. Francis of CONNECT.



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