The New Seminary Master of Theological Studies (Th.M.) Degree Program


The New Seminary has opened an office in Florida and is now offering a Master of Theological Studies Degree (Th.M.).

Our Mission

Mission & Goals

The Master of Theological Studies degree is offered to provide students a general understanding of the Interfaith approach to ministry and an understanding of the theologies of the worlds major religions. By offering this religious degree, we aim to equip graduates to reflect thoughtfully and faithfully on their life, work, ministry and enable them to participate more effectively in the mission of interfaith community building, working with congregations, faith organizations and to help further graduate study and career ministry. The multidisciplinary approach of this program is designed for students who are actively working in other professions as well as for those who wish to pursue an enlarged role in an Interfaith community. The overall thrust of the MTS in Interfaith Studies is to meet the needs of Interfaith Ministers who want to further their study and understanding of how their ministry can address the major challenges of  intolerance, poverty and the ecology. We are proud of our new direction on spiritual activism.


Degree Requirements

The MTS Program includes a combination of weekend intensives, online courses, virtual retreats to be completed within a period of 2 years. Forty-eight credits of class hours and external work are required for a degree. Some half or hybrid courses will be offered as 3-day intensives and will count as at least 1.5 credits and the additional 1.5 credits to be completed online. Other virtual and online classes will count as 3 credits. Four courses (12 credits), will be in a student’s declared area of focus, which will be selected in consultation with program staff and can include Interfaith Dialogue, Creation Spirituality, Spiritual Art, Community Building/Activism, Movement and Prayer, Inner Traditions, etc. A focus area project will also be required and will count for 3 additional credits for a total of 15 credits.

An Assessment Committee will review any life experience qualifications to be credited towards total degree hour requirements not to exceed 9 hours. Special exemptions can be granted. Credit can given for CPE, counseling experience, congregation work and chaplaincy. Students requesting life experience credits will write papers summarizing their experiences before credits can be approved along with appropriate documentation.

Extensions to complete the program can be granted upon request by the student and with the approval by a program advisor or committee. Our program is designed for professionals with numerous obligations and responsibilities. We are prepared to work with each student to ensure that there is enough time to complete the course of study and final paper. Applications for Continuation must be submitted to the Executive Director when a student requires additional time over 2 years


Required Courses and Electives Will Be Offered From Five Core Areas

  • Survey of the Worlds Religions — Focus on the major rituals, tenets and values of the major faith traditions and common threads.
  • Pastoral Formation and Development — Homiletics, Spiritual Coaching, CPE, Community Ministry, foundations of Interfaith Ministry, Rituals, etc.
  • Interfaith Research Methods — Final paper preparation, understanding resources for interfaith sermons and ministry.
  • Spiritual Activism — Community Building, Interfaith Dialogue, Global Poverty and Theology, Liberation Theology, Civil Rights and Faith and The United Nations.
  • Creation Spirituality — Spirituality, the environment, mystical and wisdom traditions.


Additional Information


Dr. Jay Speights

Master of Theology


Contact us at (914)429-3876 to begin the enrollment process.