First Year Ministerial Program

Comparative Religion

The TNS Interfaith Approach
Applying Spiritual Principles to Daily Life, Ministry  and
Inner Personal Development

Course Offerings 


  • Concepts of Interfaith
  • Dimensions of Spiritual Practice
  • Inner Development
  • Basics of Ritual
  • Native American Spirituality
  • The Divine Feminine 
  • African Spirituality
  • Hinduism 
  • Buddhism
  • Taoism
  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam & Sufism
  • Contemplation Across Faith Traditions


  • Class Attendance (in person or via Online Virtual Class )
  • Enrollment in three or more Electives
  • Completion of monthly reading assignments and written work
  • Contribution to one group ritual service
  • Participation in ongoing study groups
  • Participation in email communication
  • Participation in Buddy and Mentor programs
  • Participation in Interfaith Temple gatherings (attending students only)
  • Site visits to services or ceremonies of various faiths
  • Volunteer service in the community
  • Final Year End Paper
  • Intensive Residential Retreat
  • Final oral examination/dialogue

Upon successful completion of the First Year, there is a ritual where the students are  declared ‘Ordinands’ and advance to the second year ending in Ordination. Full ordination is not granted until completion of the Second Year training.

Applications  We have rolling enrollment.

Ministerial Program – First Year Focus


Contact us at (914)429-3876 to begin the enrollment process.