Who Am I

Who Am I?

I AM A walking manifestation of The Divine Mind and Heart interconnected to all of creation.

Who Am I?

I AM that man 

Who am I?

I AM that women

Who am I?

I AM that Girl

Who am I?

I AM that Boy

Who am I?

I AM my Community 

I AM that Buddhist

I AM that Christian 

IAM that Hindu 

I AM that Jew

I AM that Muslim 

I AM that Yoruba

I AM the Goddess

I AM the ancient healer, griot, elder, from the Savannas of Africa

I AM the medicine man, women and shaman of the plains and mountains of the America’s 

I AM all those suffering from illness and pain

I AM all those who are oppressed, dispossessed and live in fear

I AM the sand, the sea, the wind, the forest, the sun, the moon and the stars 

I AM a brother and sister to all the creatures of the forest, plains, air and sea

I AM in communion with all through The Divine Mind and Heart.





Jay Speights, D.Min.

“Join me in restoring the memory of a lost harmony!”



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