Rev. Anthony Farmer

“On this rock…”  During my studies at The New Seminary, I received the call, again.  Sitting beneath a tree overlooking the river, I was guided to a quarter-sized stone.  As soon as I picked up the rock, I heard the whisper, “on this rock…”  I tried to stop listening; however, I knew.   I was being called to co-create a spiritual community, a new church.  Several months later, I received several visions where a Lynx guided me to the sight of the new community, which was located in the desert.

Forward several years, where today I am the Senior Minister/Spiritual Director and visionary of Visions of the Heart Spiritual Life Center, a growing Interfaith, Interspiritual community rooted in truth, wisdom and love.  We are a sacred place where all are welcomed, and where all hearts are home.  We demonstrate and achieve this through the work within our three ministries: Circle of Fellowship/Ubuntu, Circle of Healing/The Healing Temple and Circle of Learning/Hall of Amenti.

Every day, my spiritual journey includes a recommitment to Visions of the Heart Spiritual Life Center, to my ministry as a teacher and guide, and to myself.  Each day is an opportunity to demonstrate and express my “Sacred Yes” to Spirit.

Rev. Anthony Farmer, OUnI, CMH, TNS 2008

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