The New Seminary Elective Program enhances the experience of our First and Second year students and offers ongoing education to TNS Students and Alumni. We are pleased to open many of these courses to the general public, supporting our desire to create a sacred environment where all may come and learn.

These courses support the regular curriculum and are designed to be enriching, interesting, and in-depth. Topics that have been offered include: Metaphysics & the Bible, Crisis of Faith, The Business of Ministry, The Wedding Class – From the First Phone Call to the “I Do”, Practicing the Presence of God, Kirtan, and many more.

The New Seminary Elective courses are reasonably priced, and each TNS First Year and Second Year student is required to take at least two courses per year in addition to the regular program. Many students elect to take four to six of these short courses per semester. We offer between eight to ten courses each semester, ranging in price from $50 to $150, which is in addition to the regular program tuition.

Coming Soon! – Fall 2012 Electives