Interfaith Harmony Unlocks Man’s Internal Prison Walls

The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies,  in a collaboration with Getting Out by Going In (GOGI), will be hosting the FIRST ANNUAL INTERFAITH IN PRISON event in select California and Utah state prisons.

Attendees at the group gathering will be asked to reflect on what “Interfaith” means to them and how Interfaith Harmony can unlock man’s internal prison walls. The essays and responses will be sent into GOGI and a 5 minute video will be produced to expand awareness of the event.

More than 2.3 million men, women and children are in prisons in the United States. These individuals will benefit from the opportunity to learn of and experience the power of interfaith harmony.

Through this effort, The New Seminary and Getting Out By Going In (GOGI) believe participating prisoners will become ambassadors of tolerance, peace and understanding in their institutions and communities once released.