“I have always wanted to be me without making it difficult to be you.” ~ Howard Thurman

“I came to The New Seminary with a strong community service background in prison ministry and seeking to become a minister capable of serving the spiritual needs of my community. As an activist, I found that after learning about the religions of the world, global poverty, and working on United Nations Programs involving women and poverty, my commitment to my community service and to my own faith were strengthened. I was also able to better understand the various religions of the inmates in the prisons where I serve and minister to them effectively.” -M.W. 2014

“The New Seminary has offered me a safe place to explore and expand  my own spirituality as well as deepen my commitment to service and my path. Since ordination I have gone on to pursue Chaplaincy and serve the sick and dying. The comparative theology, immersion in the faith traditions of the world and the general preparation I received from the TNS faculty has enabled me to be of assistance to many patients and clients in crisis”.  – O.S, Class of 2013

“My experience as a first year student at TNS allowed me to find my true place in life. The most important aspect of this time has been one of self-discovery which evolved through my reflective writing, reading, listening and the numerous opportunities for sharing with others. It is through these experiences that I have received the greatest gift of all and that is to know thyself. I now recognize that once you understand who you are, it is then and only then that you will be able to effectively serve others. I am so grateful to TNS for being a catalyst on my journey towards becoming an interfaith minister. ” –Z.B., Class of 2011

“I was an accelerated student with TNS and ordination was the culmination of a lifetime’s spiritual development and academic studies. The program is a dynamic mix of academic study, practical exercises and experiential learning, including for correspondence students. This meant that I experienced the information on several levels, but particularly the feeling level, which allowed me to integrate my previous academic and experiential learning, as well as providing me with tools and techniques to live my life as a modern “disciple” and minister. I highly recommend TNS for anyone who wants to make their devotion and service to the Divine their highest priority in life.”  –B.M., Class of 2010

“The New Seminary not only gave me a well-rounded spiritual education, but offered me an understanding of myself, my challenges, and my purpose.  Through the program, I experienced a sense of belonging and community that far surpassed any expectations.  If you feel called to a life of spiritual service, I highly recommend this program.”  -D.S., Class of 2009

“The New Seminary Two Year Ministerial Program was a magnificent journey that guided my head deep into my heart, creating a wider path to knowing more God in everyone and everything along The Way. I am filled with gratitude for this great adventure.”
– P.D., Class of 2008

“I attended The New Seminary at a time when I was questioning my life and its purpose. Through the wisdom of the staff, the readings and the experiential activities, I gained both greater knowledge of myself and my place in the world. I could never have achieved my newly gained peace of mind without the help of TNS. The emphasis on the spiritual, psychological and practical made the TNS experience invaluable to me spiritually and professionally.”
– S.M., Class of 2007

“I’m a 2007 graduate who is still processing the enormity and depth of my experience at The New Seminary. My education included not only the texts and understanding of different faith traditions but a wondrous sense of community, compassion, and faith. I also made new friends – ever a gift.”
– EJS, Class of 2007

“The New Seminary was the perfect haven for this spiritual seeker—providing new experiences, wider avenues of learning, and remarkable companions for the journey. The TNS acceptance of all faiths and focus on serving Spirit is real.”
– S.L., Class of 2007

“I enrolled at The New Seminary to make a conscious change in the direction of my life… the magnitude of that change I could not have foreseen. My heart, my truth, my faith, and my awareness have undergone a magnificent transformation, opening doorways that guide me and uplift my spirit. I recommend the New Seminary to anyone ready for a significant lifetime experience that will forever change your life.”
– C.H.O, Class of 2006

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