Correspondence Study – Ministerial Program

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We welcome students living outside the greater New York Tri-State area to participate in The New Seminary training program via correspondence study.  Correspondence study requires a high degree of self-initiative, independence, computer skills, and phone and email communication.  We have a staff member, who serves as Director of On-Line Communications, who helps students become a part of these on-line groups and supports them technically.  Corresponding Students are responsible for the same curriculum requirements as Attending Students, and complete their work with the help of their Deans, Study Groups, Mentors, Buddies, and The New Seminary community.

Corresponding Students can elect to receive CD recordings of the class sessions or download .mp3 files on the Student Area of The New Seminary website.  Every month Corresponding Students submit their homework to their Dean via email or regular mail, and receive feedback on their work. Corresponding Students are assigned a Second Year Student or Alumni Mentor to encourage and guide them in the program, as well as an Attending Student Buddy who can share impressions of the class experience with them.

Corresponding Students are strongly encouraged to attend class during the full weekends of study twice a year, or whenever their schedule allows.  Corresponding Students are required to attend a half-week year-end retreat in June of their First and Second Years.

The New Seminary Staff and Attending Students contribute to including the Corresponding Students in every part of the program, and we warmly welcome Corresponding Students participation and contributions to The New Seminary experience.

Applications – Application for classes beginning September 2013 (graduation date 2015) are now being accepted online.

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